Bank Notes

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Bank Notes

As the cornerstone of every economy, bank notes should always be delivered on time.


Your trusted partner for integrity across the bank note value chain.

From production to distribution, Brink's maintains supply chain integrity for central, wholesale, retail banks, money exchanges, and bureaus.

Our goal is to provide personalized solutions that help you protect, grow, and enhance your brand reputation.

  • Money handling

    Whether it's storage, inventory management or money counting and checking, we take care of suitability sorting, packaging, and counterfeit detection in a variety of currencies. Within our safe vault locations, Brink's also provides expertise in Extended Custodian Inventory (ECI) facilities and transportation of money in various currencies to and from the ECI.

  • Secure Logistics

    Let Brink's ensure the security and visibility of your bank notes or raw materials throughout the production and distribution lifecycle.

  • Money Processing

    From storage to inventory management, counting and validation, we handle fitness sorting, wrapping, packing, and counterfeit detection across multiple currencies. At our secure vault locations, Brink’s also provides expertise in the supply of Extended Custodian Inventory (ECI) facilities, as well as the transport of currency to and from the ECI.

  • Distribution Solutions

    Secure and efficient, our distribution solutions are designed to support your supply chain strategy.


Our suite of comprehensive solutions is designed to support your business.

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